Houston Career Fair - Get Hired at This Job Fair / Live Hiring Event on July 7th 2016

Time: 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM

Location: Sheraton Suites Houston Near the Galleria 
2400 West Loop South 
Houston, TX 77027

Best Hire Career Fairs will be hosting a huge live hiring event in Houston, Texas. You will get your chance to meet the hiring decision makers from the area's best employers in Houston. You should attend the career fair; there will be hundreds of jobs available. All you need to do is dress professionally and bring lots of resumes to the job fair. Just walk in the event and start interviewing, it's that easy.

For those that are in search of a job or tired of sending resumes that go nowhere, don't worry. Dress for success, update your resume then head on down to our Houston Texas Career Fair. Here, you will seek employment from the top employers in the city. These employers are the people who decide on if you get hired or not.


Spring 2016 Nonprofit/Governmental Career Fair Open to all academic majors
Date/Time: April 7, 2016 from 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Location: Student Center Houston Room
Contact: Lauren Moore
Email: lmoore@uh.edu
Phone: (713)-743-5098


2368A Rice Blvd #121 Houston, TX 77005

Info@nowhiringhouston.com || 832-641-6529


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The Basics-Career Tips 101

1.Located at the very top of your resume is where your summary or objective should be placed. This section should let the employer know what position you are seeking. Cut out the fluff and keep it less than 3 sentences.
2.There is a basic order in which you should format your resume. The position you are seeking at the top. Education & Certifications at the bottom.
3.Your resume should be no longer than 3 pages. No excuses.
4. Please change your LinkedIn profile to a professional picture of you by yourself.  Wear a nice suit with the photo taken directly in front of your face. You can always put personal pictures on Facebook; LinkedIn is a professional website.
5. Bullet points are your friends. They make your resume look more polished as well as easy to read which is what the hiring manager prefers.  The days of writing paragraphs under each of your positions are over.
6.Keep your resume professional. The hiring manager does not care about your "personal interests or hobbies" same thing goes for LinkedIn.
7. Personalize your cover letter. You don't want the person receiving it to think you are applying for a lot of different jobs.
8.Wear your confidence this will show in regards to your social media presence, the interview and career fair. Keep in mind there is a thin line between confident and cocky. If you don't know for sure please ask me!

There are so many other factors, but those are the most common mistakes I see from my clients.

Military Job Fair: July 14th from 10:00 AM - 2:00 PM

We Welcome Active Duty Military, Spouses, Reservists, Veterans, Retirees AND CIVILIANS!

Location: Houston Marriott South Hobby Airport 9100 Gulf Freeway Houston, TX 77017

National & Regional Opportunities:  • Administrative • Aviation • Customer Service • Law Enforcement • Logistical • Maintenance • Management • Medical HOUSTON, TX • Driving • Engineering • Sales • Plus Much More!

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