Thank you so much Natasha! They both look great, my resume needed a lot of HELP!
Thank you AGAIN, I appreciate it.

Client: Valerie

Project Coordinator

Thank You Natasha,
It looks great, and I have already used it, as i had an inquiry about a position.
Appreciate the cover letter also, I will most definitely use it.

Have a great day and weekend !


Senior Estimating Manager


I want to thank you so much for creating a resume that exceeded my expectations. I was careful when choosing who would write my new resume and I am so glad I decided to have you perform the other career services I needed as well. You are a true professional and I am already getting more responses from using the resume you made for me. If anyone needs a professional to write your resume she is the best!

Client: Cindy Diep

Client Development Professional

Thank you Natasha,
I think Marie's resume looks great, adds character, and more presentable information.
I will let you know what she says,
thanks many!

Client: Michael Worr

Project Manager

"Natasha, I just wanted to thank you for everything. I love my resume and Linkedin as well. I appreciate your hard work to help me and enduring all my back and forth emails. I will certainly refer you to my friends and family!"
Best wishes,

Client: Christine Doggett
District Manager

"Natasha is Awesome! She not only has the ability to mentor you in your work search and prep you for all the interviews that will come your way, but sincerely wants you to succeed! She will provide you with the most recent social media site information as well as spiff up your out dated resume that isn't getting you the much needed attention!
Thank you so much Natasha, you've been amazing!"

Client: Kelli Smith

Property Manager

"Natasha has done an outstanding job on improving my resume. She is extremely sincere in helping her customers improve their marketability in order to get the job they desire. The services she provided has made me more confident moving forward in applying for jobs. Thank you so much Natasha!"

Client: Yasmin Brown

"Natasha has helped my business growth in the short time she worked on the marketing and various business related needs I had. She was also able to find 2 of my good friends find jobs that were not working for 6+ months. I was very impressed with her creativity and the prompt results I received from her efforts. Thank you!"

Client: Bruce Goldfarb

Business Owner

HI Natasha,
Thank you for quick turn around and resume and cover letter both looks fantastic.

Client: Ketan Patel

Project Engineer

Hello Natasha,

Thank you. The Resume, CL & Linkedin profile looks impressive. Now i understand what`s holding back in landing me a job. Appreciate your effort & time.

Hope you are having a wonderful long weekend & Happy July 4th !!!!

Best Regards,

Natasha Negahbanzadeh President, Now Hiring Houston did a fantastic job of redoing my resume. She hit all of the key points in a concise manner and did it at a very reasonable cost. I highly recommend Natasha's work.

Client: Roland Dodge, Jr.

Distribution Manager - Chemicals

I am very impressed with the layout and look of my resume and cover letter. I have already received great feedback from people. 
Thank you so much!

Client: Amanda Horn

Geology & Drilling Operations

"Good morning Natasha. Thank you so much for the LinkedIn profile revision. I love it. You delivered your promise. The LinkedIn profile look so professional now. For the resume is this the updated one? I will start applying to jobs this week. Please keep me updated with new jobs updated that I could apply for."

Former Client

"I had a pleasure working with Natasha and I definitely would love to continue working with her! She is efficient, detailed and very professional in the way she handles her clients. She ensures that clients feel prepared and confident in the world of job search as well as she is very knowledgeable in what recruiters/managers are looking for. When you're job searching and need some guidance, she is someone not to be missed!"

Client: Tina Nguyen-Cruz

Workforce Development

"Natasha has really lived up to the meaning of being connected, She answered and offered whatever advice she could to point me in the right direction to kick off my career, She is the answer to anyone who needs an updated and really eye catching resume. Thank you Natasha for being honest and 100% reliable."

Client: Hollis Caston

Sales Manager


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Now Hiring Houston Oil, Gas & Energy Client Reviews

I must say that I am really impressed, the format, wording and layout are exceptional. Thank you and I will spread the word about your services.

Thanks again and awesome job!

Client: Abdul Fitzgerald

Operations Manager - Crude Oil

Everything looks great. You are a credit to your trade. I am very pleased with all your work. Thank you for your professional assistance. 

Client: Bryan Petrash

Operations Manager

Thanks Natasha! I am very pleased with what you were able to do for me. I feel a lot more confident in my job search with my new resume, cover letter along with the work you performed on my LinkedIn page. I will be spreading the word about the career services you provide. You are truly Houston's best resume writer as far as I am concerned!

Client: Eddie Gromatski

Senior Mechanical Designer

"I wish to express my appreciation and to thank Natasha as she has done an excellent job on improving my CV. She is extremely sincere in helping me to get the job that I am desire. The services she provided has made me more confident moving forward in applying for jobs. Thank you so much Natasha! and for your patient and your big heart."

Client: Hanafy Ahmed

Oil & Gas Professional

"I heard about the outstanding job that Natasha did for many of my friends and co-workers, helping them update and boost their current careers or job searches, with much success.

She was very helpful for me, taking on many calls and emails to get a real feel or what I needed. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for an advantage in this current job market. She has proven to be highly successful, and continues to be a resource to all those who use her business service!"

Thank You Natasha!

Client: April Irving 

Industrial Safety Manager